Freedive course in Tulamben

The famous Apnea Bali mural


With Julia

Got reminder from Bang GJ that now is the anniversary of my ID . It’s been a year since my impulsive trip back to Tulamben, taking a freedive  course in Apnea Bali.


Three hours ride lead to an unforgettable experience. My PB, touching the bottom weight, watching my dive comp turns to 20, trying to solve my eq problem and fail, having so much fun on the way.

I’m on my way!


Sunset @jemeluk bay

Tulamben must be listed as one of the best place for diver in training. It’s not only have the perfect depth and the current is practically nonexistent, it is also have great visibility most of the time. And the best part is, it is sooooo beautiful deep down. You can imagine having hard daily practice and then dive to the USAT Liberty for fun! It is perfect!

Yuuji, Galih and me ^^
Ray of light

And with a group of skilled and fun instructors to teach you, with Apnea Bali you are in the right hands.

Looking back to those days, when we eat only dates for breakfast and octopus rawon for dinner, when I got hit in the head with a snorkel for the first time, when we drive in the rain to make sure we got to tulamben on time, watching sunset on jemeluk bay, diving all day and sleep like a dead person in the night, playing in the water, (watching galih) making bubble rings, laughing my ass off watching two crazy buddies doing absurd underwater exercise …

I’ll be watching over you
Crazy 😑




It was the time, it was the best of time


So if you ask me don’t I get bored of Tulamben? I will definitely say NO



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